This new part-brick was placed Nov, 14,’ 1806

This new part-brick was placed Nov, 14,’ 1806

The first Chapel- 1806 This is a diary-building and endured northeast on expose chapel on the basis today filled b>” brand new cemetery. Rev. F. W. Van der Slott preached with the i Peter dos :6. The fresh effort happened Sep six, 1808. The clergy and people gone inside specialized procession on schoolhouse so you can

The Lutheran congregation not ccmtributed to your the fresh Hamilton parsonage which \vas produced in 1837, even though the Reformed safeguarded one to close Efforts

ultraviolet that it an element of the reputation for Salem Church. The point that in the contribution would certainly not have been inscribed upon all pages and posts of one’s Church Number, encountered the dads perhaps not got reasons for doing so. If we usually do not better

bulling committee, parents and you can deacons, followed b>^ the fresh laity. The ministers expose wxre F. W. Van der Sloot and you can Thos. Pomp (Ref.), John Casper Dill and you can Chr. Endress (Luth). A few of these produced compatible addresThe identity solemnly because of the ses. :

panel had been Geo. Kunkle and you may John Serfass (Luth.), Jacob Everitt and you can I’hili]j Kresge (Ref). That the totally new write of the composition, followed Late. 14, 1806, try deposited from the place-stone the second tify to help you

Shupp, and Geo

tolet you at least inscribe their title gether with that out of Philip Shupp. List regarding conspicuously on the indonesiancupid Mobile App Salem Church.

Balance. $ 1-dos Balance due. $ 1-2 During the an accounting held Feb. 11, 1815. at house of George Kresge the brand new congregation still owed the fresh strengthening panel loi weight. los. Sept. twenty five. 1815, during the a special thus-entitled latest put-

within house from Lawrence Serfass your debt amounted so you can loyp.iis.-8d. At this payment the cost of the latest parchment and you may writing away from this new Deed try jjiven as the 17 shiUing-s and 6

Dec. ten. 1820, members of the latest Lutheran congregation consulted having agents on Reformed side about the purchase of a great Lutheran parsonage. The fresh new Reformed signihed the determination offered an equivalent as a consequence of getting expanded to them within the securing property towards the Reformed pastor. It actually was very consented. The fresh signers to that particular covenant had been John Bonser. Henry Shupp. Luth.) Philip Kresge, William Kresge, David Borger, Henry Everitt and one signer w’hose name’s indecipherable, (Ref.). No find is of subsequent action. The two congregations yet not try instead of parsonages at the moment. anttther Sept. 5. 1827, payment was made by strengthening panel and you will trustees during the schoolhouse in the event the prominent of your financial obligation remaining \\due to the fact $, and accumulated focus amcnmted so you can ^eight,^-7^. The fresh trustees immediately was indeed Joseph Trach and you can (

Jacob Dorshimer (Luth). John Serfass, one of many building panel died inside the 1825. Before this time collectors was indeed apDointed so you can safer iier

financing to the liquidation of the personal debt. advertised $ 1-2, at which S step 1-2 got compiled out-of “outsiders.” Oddly enough, the newest collection ($) lifted in the dedication of your own church, twenty years end up being-

February 24. 1828. this building panel kept another type of meeting, but unal)ce so you can agree, the following panel changes is actually chose: ]\Iichael Misner, Esq., Jacob Frantz, Esq., ilenry ^’oung, Esq.. Jacob Frantz. Es(|.. lienr\’ ‘^’onngkin and you will Tohn Kel-

justed different claims as follows: John Serfass house. $, Geo. Kunkle $, Philip Kresge, $, and you can Jacob Everitt $2.thirteen.

The next strengthening comwas designated John Snyder and you can Reuben Gregory, (Ref.), Chas. J. Shafer and you can Chas. Shupp (Luth.). The fresh new . Simply a couple fatalities try filed regarding eldest checklist guide and you may none Avhatever within the next following the. Xo es of ciMiimunicants are gi\cn.

The fresh new PENNSYLVANIA-Italian language suiting on ort^anization regarding several sejiarate schools. In the 1881 nnder the new pastorate off Rev. Huber, the brand new Reformed congregation erected a sunday-school church that was faithful during the age _\’ear. Oct. dos, 1886, members of brand new