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Numerous fanfics provides represented their particular as the with, or which have had, same-sex tendencies and you may/or relationships

My personal most readily useful supply of satisfaction is actually my family (whether or not my personal abstract writing and you will meringue moving enjoy are very impressive too). Daria will continue to master university and you may recently turned into a member of your Lawndale Derican Revolution (but if some one asks me on Colonel Phineas T. Morgendorffer I will must let them know possible). Quinn has just announced their unique engagement immediately after which took it straight back, stating she only wanted to hear how it create sound. Jake has actually most enhanced their whisking approach. The entire household members intentions to spend a monday afternoon to one another picnicking, as soon as all of our times would be matched up.

Worst Helen [ edit ]

Helen’s workaholism affects her capability to be good mommy, a nature defect that was looked throughout the event “Psycho Medication” but is obvious as early as “Esteemsters” ([so you’re able to Daria] “We show over and over again that you’re wonderful and you will you simply. don’t. have it! What exactly is wrong to you?”) Regardless of if Helen as well as suggests herself from time to time becoming quite perceptive (elizabeth.grams., “Make In which It Affects” which can be It Slip But really?), particular fanfics carry her parental disconnection into significant, promoting the latest Evil Helen label.