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The connection from Religiosity and Relationship Pleasure: The brand new Character from Religious Partnership and you can Techniques for the ong Pakistani Participants


The fresh new sociology regarding religion centers around your personal and you may partnered lifestyle. This research performed the first focalized study of this new influence out-of spirituality and you can religiosity into the relationship pleasure from Pakistani Muslim lovers and just how religious commitment and you may religious habit improves the connection of married people. This research incorporates the fresh new Ohio Marital Pleasure scale (KMSS), the Spiritual Connection List (RCI-10) and also the Spiritual Habit level determine marital pleasure. Questionnaire forms, and a study invite page and you may the best agree means, was basically provided for married couples residing in five cities out-of Pakistan. This new try contained 508 appropriate answers, 254 males and you can 254 ladies, examining the respondent’s effect of its marital satisfaction. The details acquired was basically screened and you may looked at as a result of SPSS version twenty five.