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How many new feminine apprenticeship registrations keeps growing

Into the 2015, some one or more-one-fourth (26%) of females got a school degree as their highest number of knowledge in contrast to that-fifth (20%) of males (Graph dos). Conversely, women was 1 / 2 of (7%) once the going to have finished good trading certification because their large quantity of knowledge in contrast to men (15%).

Investigation in the earlier part checked the fresh new proportion of the many out of the women that has previously finished a beneficial trading certification (in addition to a keen apprenticeship certification) since their higher quantity of studies. Which level brings a beneficial manifestation of the fresh new inventory of females that have a beneficial trades certificate, but merely gift ideas the proportion of women that have a great deals certificate as his or her high quantity of education. Women who features one another an excellent positions certification in addition to a great large credential are classified not as much as the higher credential completed; such as for instance a school degree otherwise university certificate or education.

An alternative strategy is to make use of the Inserted Apprenticeship Information System (RAIS), and this seems specifically during the apprentices and you will reports on the quantities of the brand new apprentices who register and you will over the certification inside confirmed season of the significant trading classification. Notice eight

At that time between 1991 and you will 2013, how many the apprenticeship registrations increased threefold, due to the fact development in women apprenticeship is actually big; growing from the 6.eight minutes to help you on fourteen,000 during the 2013. Note 8 This new proportion of women certainly the brand new apprenticeship registrations including became regarding eight% to help you fifteen% across the same several months.