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Directory of the richest women in Southern Africa

How many ladies who keeps built-up a massive quantity of money here in South Africa is on the rise. Whether that obtained this new riches by themselves or inherited they, he or she is nevertheless considered tycoons. Usually are not ‘s the richest woman for the Southern Africa?

You’re astonished to understand that some of the richest feamales in Southern area Africa is actually common faces. But not, they have managed to make empires through wise investing and you will powering some of the most winning businesses. Here are the top wealthiest inside the Southern Africa.

1. Wendy Appelbaum – R2.six billion

Produced from inside the 1962 to millionaire Donald Gordon, the woman is the fresh richest woman into the South Africa. She presumed the new directorship role out of their unique father’s insurance policies and you may actual home agency, Versatility Buyers. She previously stored most other positions such as deputy settee regarding Partnership Category Holdings Ltd. This woman is a satisfied proprietor from a profitable wines ranch inside the country. She is this new richest woman into the South Africa.

5. Sharon Wapnick – R433 mil

The stunning and effective lady was born in 1964 into the Southern Africa. She is one of the greatest investors into the Octodec Expenditures and you may Superior Services, people oriented from the their particular dad.