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I simply advised my husband the guy should manage a radius which have cindy

The guy questioned if i try offering him an ultimatum, we said if he’ll wade so far as forget about and you will disrespect my feelings to own cindy? Which really rubbed my husband the wrong manner in which he told you since i such as for example disgusting viewpoint during my mind, that’s giving your a keen ultimatum anyways, then may as well leave just like the he don’t log off having for example a vulnerable person who keeps including unpleasant advice regarding him. The guy packaged a case and you may kept to his mom’s place. I’ve tried apologising many time, advising just how sorry i am to have everything, but he’s disregarding my texts and calls.

Later cindy’s aunt texted myself and you will called me personally a number of labels to trust this way about their cousin stating jake is to simply exit myself and a terrible individual just like me may be worth so you can feel alone. I could perhaps not stop sobbing up coming. Idk just how to enhance it. Could there be ways to actually return? Is we therefore completely wrong in order to deserve so it? Idk anymore.

Derek in addition to informed that cindy keeps always got issues with limits of course, if he lead their bf to help you everyone cindy would score also close and do joke you to definitely she was just examining if the he was extremely gay

Update- Thank you all the having answering and those who provided me with a strategies during the private texts.