The newest Courier-Diary out-of Louisville, Kentucky • Page 166

The newest Courier-Diary out-of Louisville, Kentucky • Page 166

iiiiii we mi i iw ii we WHi III ‘I I I I’ II easily We MON. xt Li. 2:00 The newest Sons of Katie Elderly (MAX) y2 dos:00 The Mosquito Coast (HBO) ‘i dos:00 Route: Their state (MC) V4 step three:00 The 3 Musketeers (AMC) Vi cuatro:00 With the Stops of Earth (MAX) 4:00 Dakota (SH) ‘a cuatro:00 The brand new Owl as well as the Pussycat (MC) 4:00 The small Match Girl (LIFE) V4 4:00 Four legged friend (TNT) 5:00 A lady Rebels (AMC) ‘2 5:00 Cocoon: The brand new Return (HBO) Vi Night six:00 Plain clothes (MAX) 6:00 Institute for Payback (SH) V4 6:00 Mark therefore the Smugglers (DISN) 6:29 Cobra (MC) 7:30 Housemaid out of Salem (AMC) 8:00 Women in Stress (WGN) ‘2 8:00 Acid reflux (MAX) V4 8:00 Lookup That has Speaking (SH) 8:00 Cyborg (MC) V4 8:00 Father of Bride (TNT) 8:05 A xmas Facts (TBS) 9:00 Rosie brand new Riveter (WGN) 9:00 Carmen Jones (AMC) 9:00 browse around here Alien Nation (HBO) V4 9:00 The brand new 7 Confronts from Dr. Lao (DISN) 9:00 Worst Nothing Rich Girt: New Barbara Hut-flood Facts (LIFE) V4 nine:30 Persistent (MC) V4 Child’s Enjoy (MAX) ‘a Father’s Nothing Bonus (TNT) Christmas Lilies of your Job (TBS) Hug of one’s Beast (SH) 1 1 :00 Pittsburgh (AMC) step 1 step 1 :31 Animals Sematary (MAX) 14 step one step one :29 Family members Providers (HBO) Kinjite: Taboo Victims (MC) ‘4 Chariots of Flames (DISN) Mail order Fiance (TNT) V4 They Alive (SH) Reddish King, White Knight (WGN) 1:00 Maid from Salem (AMC) 1:15 Away from your home (MAX) 1:30 Hell Large (HBO) 1:29 A Woman’s Revenge (TNT) 1:forty-five Macauley’s Child (DISN) 1:fifty This new Hanoi Hilton (SH) 2:00 Cyborg (MC) fourteen dos:05 Tarzan, the fresh new Ape Guy (TBS) 2:31 Carmen Jones (AMC) 2:fifty Amsterdamned (MAX) Vi step 3:twenty-five Family relations, Couples and you can Lunatics (HBO) 3:25 Persistent (MC) 3:29 The brand new Veil (TNT) 4:00 Relationship and you may Flow (WGN) 4:00 Decameron Evening Storer 25) 4:00 Hustle (SH) 4:00 Brand new 7 Confronts out of Dr.

Produced to be Light.” Rita Rudner basins their unique white teeth into wedding, dudes and a lot more. (R) (cc) Storer 25) Marc Rate on Improv Comics: Brad Cairnes, Mario Joyner, Ed Yeager, Rick Rockwell and Tom Kenny. (NASH) John MacNally’s Christmas Come across 8 p.meters. number. (NASH) Xmas Culture Warner Bros .

Getting malfunction, evaluations and you can powering moments, understand the Wire Motion picture Publication, and therefore begins toward Web page 27

(TBS) Arena of Audubon James Woods try servers for this system one to is targeted on the fresh conflict over whether to allow forest fireplaces to burn. (R) 1:00 Storer 25) Wonders Challenger Discover 9 p.m. list. 2:00 Storer 25) Hound of your own Baskervllles Discover 10 p.yards. listing .

3:00 Storer twenty-five) Marc Speed during the Improv Pick eleven p.m. listing. Wire Video Hera ara today’ wire motion picture and you will big date. Morning 5:20 Nothing Appreciate (MAX) 6:00 Madame Sousatzka (MC) 6:twenty five Dakota (SH) V4 7:00 The newest Left-hand from God (MAX) 8:00 Pounds Man and you can Nothing Boy (HBO) V4 8:00 The fresh Killers (MC) ‘A 8:31 Cowboy (MAX) 8:30 Institute for Revenge (SH) Center of your own Night (MAX) J4 Fee Deferred (SH) Inform them Willie-boy Is here now (MC) Babar: The movie (DISN) Woman with Red-colored Tresses (TNT) 5t Brand new Aside-of-Towners (HBO) Research Who’s got Speaking (SH) New Actress (TNT) Adam’s Woman (MAX) V4 This new Strong (HBO) River out of Demise (MC) 54 Afternoon step 1:00 The fresh Cross and also the Switchblade (FAM) Vi step one:05 A xmas Carol (TBS) 1:30 Generation (SH) V4 step 1:45 Kathy O .

Lao (DISN) 4:29 Pittsburgh (AMC) 4:55 Birdy (HBO) J4 (HBO) Funny Hr “Rita Rudner

(TNT) V4 Vivian Vance, remaining Are Ethel Mertz and you will Lucille Ball is Lucy Ricardo Into the “The fresh Everyone loves Lucy Xmas Special.” Which episode, Where the couple remember regarding Little Ricky’s birth, could have been specially colorized because of it rebroadcast. It is to the CBS in the 8:31 p.meters. Monday. 7:31 (SH) Broadway Christmas Throw members of Broadway musicals play Xmas carols during the so it benefit performance. 8:00 (MTV) MTV Video Songs Honours From the Universal Amphitheater from inside the Los angeles, Arsenio Hallway is host towards 7th annual honours demonstration .