30+ Girl Names Which means that Seductress: Feminine Appeal, Magnetism, and you can Charm

30+ Girl Names Which means that Seductress: Feminine Appeal, Magnetism, and you can Charm

Seductress names to have girls give a desirable and you may mysterious style. If you find yourself seduction tend to features negative connotations, labels that have enchanting significance can also represent women charm, magnetism, and you may attract. In this post having Impressive Colony, we have gathered the ultimate selection of girl labels which means that seductress.


The name Aphrodite comes from the Greek word “aphros,” for example “soap.” Centered on Greek mythology, Aphrodite was given birth to on lather of your own water, developed by the cut snatch of the jesus Uranus. She is often represented as a beautiful and you can interesting lady, which have an amazing charm which will amuse anyone who put eyes on her.

While the deity off love, charm, and you will sexuality, Aphrodite was known for their alluring energies. She is thought to manage to generate people fall in love with her, and she put that it ability to her virtue. Of numerous reports inside Greek myths rotate as much as Aphrodite’s alluring character, plus their own issues together with other gods and you may mortals.

One of the most greatest reports related to Aphrodite’s seductiveness is the facts from their own relationship with the mortal Adonis. According to myth, Aphrodite fell in love with Adonis and made use of their particular charms so you can earn their cardio. Although not, their relationships is brief-lived due to the fact Adonis are slain from the an untamed boar delivered because of the the brand new envious god Ares.

Aphrodite’s seductive character wasn’t limited by personal relationships. She in addition to made use of her energies to control and manage other people, often causing in pretty bad shape and you may dispute one of several gods. In a single facts, she was the cause of Trojan Battle of the encouraging the most beautiful mortal woman, Helen, into Trojan prince Paris, triggering a competition between your Greeks and you can Spyware.

The name Aphrodite has become synonymous with attraction and you can sensuality. They evokes photographs away from an effective and fascinating lady who will enchant and you can entice anybody she wants. The name has been utilized during history when you look at the literature, ways, and common society so you’re able to depict the thought of attraction and female sexuality.

Today, the name Aphrodite is still associated with seduction and you will appeal. It is a greatest selection for mothers in search of an alternative and strong name due to their de have a strong and you can convinced voice, so it’s the best complement good girl that is condemned are a robust and engaging woman.


Title Calypso hails from the brand new Greek word “kalupto,” definition “to fund” otherwise “so you can hide.” That is installing to possess a seductress, due to the fact she will uses her appeal and you will charm to keep hidden their unique true intentions. During the Greek myths, Calypso try known as a great nymph, a lovely and immortal women soul who stayed in characteristics.

From inside the Homer’s epic poem, The fresh new Odyssey, Calypso means a stunningly stunning goddess that have a captivating voice. She is also represented as the an effective and you will independent lady, way of living on the very own island and you can ruling regarding it given that she pleases. That it mix of charm, stamina, and you will independence tends to make Calypso an interesting and charming shape.

Calypso’s seductive characteristics is then showcased by the their steps into character Odysseus. Once he becomes stranded on her behalf island, she also provides your immortality if the guy believes to marry their particular. It give try tempting to have Odysseus, but the guy sooner decides to hop out and you will keep their trip household. That it showcases Calypso’s ability to fool around with their unique appeal and attraction so you can make an effort to manage anyone else.

Title Calypso is of the seduction and attraction due to the link with which greatest mythological shape. It has got a strange and you can appealing top quality which makes it a great perfect choice for mothers wanting an alternate and you may strong term for their daughter.