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Penilope Cruz a-listers inside the a film you to definitely, though sexy on top, is not such as for example seeking sex


Considering that ’50s housewives have left the way of bouffant tresses dryers and home sunlamps, it is amazing one video will always be becoming made for them. “Lady on the top” is one of those video clips, though you may not comprehend it in the beginning. That’s because it has got smartly disguised by itself because a good perky nothing story off women empowerment, a great fable regarding a pleasant lady along with her strong sexuality, or perhaps her really nice hair.

Composed (EDT)

The thing is, “Woman ahead,” using its winkly-twinkly meets away from secret reality and its particular travelling-pamphlet exotic sensuality, actually regarding things given that messy because the sexuality. This new picture’s saucy identity, their ads icon (a set of deluxe reddish mouth formed by a few yellow peppers straightening towards one another), their gorgeous superstar, Penilope Cruz — they are all of the built to make you imagine “hot” even before you step with the theater. But rather of sizzling hot, you earn rarely warm — good tepid and you may fatty “Calgon, take myself away!” shower one seems to be geared towards women that do not get aside definitely.